She’s 24 today.

“First momma was a single, And daddy and momma were a couple,

Along came our little Laurie, Now we’re 3, a real family.

And Lauren makes 3 we’re a family, repeat line

repeat all.

This was a song I dreamed up as a lullaby.

Outside Fun with the new dog, Meg.

Meg and I go on lots of walks up & about.  We were headed home yesterday down the hill when we noticed a youngish women and dog slip over my front lawn to the recycling bin and discard her bag of waste there.

I had to say something so I said, “I wouldn’t mind you dropping your waste in my garbage bin but you picked my recycling bin.”

The woman was mortified, “I can remove the baggy.” I said, “I’ll handle it.”

It was a delicious moment.