T-“SS”-SA: a group of bums.

tsa: useless group of fuckups.


I saw a TSA agent in the Denver airport who appeared to be watching the passing crowd in each direction.

I went over and asked her [large build black woman] if her job was to observe the crowd.

She said, "yes."

Such behavior observation is routine in Israel airports, but discredited in the US.

db"The introduction of several new programs focuses on developing specialized skills in our workforce. TSA has implemented a behavior observation and analysis program, called Screening of Passengers by Observation Techniques (SPOT), designed to provide TSA Behavior Detection Officers(BDOs) with a non-intrusive means of identifying potentially high-risk individuals.The program was developed and implemented to observe normal passenger characteristics and anxieties and identify anomalies to detect individuals who may be a threat to aviation and/or transportation
security. SPOT is also part of a larger effort by the agency to add more layers of security to protect against those individuals seeking to defeat our security systems.
TSA has also implemented the Bomb Appraisal Officer (BAO) program to prevent the introduction of explosives and IEDs from entering the aviation system.The BAOs are trained bomb technicians who provide advanced training for the workforce and resolve alarms that are beyond the TSO   workforce capability.

TSA continues to develop and refine our plans relating to document-checking, whereby specially trained TSOs examine ...."